Biplane Ride

Promotional marketing emails are annoying but I chose to keep getting them because every once in a while, there are actual exciting offers. was offering deals on biplane rides in Atlanta and since I visit there frequently, I had to go for it!

We met at DeKalb–Peachtree Airport (KPDK) and got obligatory pictures with the plane, a New Standard D-25A.

We got to wear goggles and a nifty hat

The four passengers sit in rows of two up front and the pilot sits in the very back. I admit I am continually disappointed to be handed earplugs as a passenger (same thing as a float plane charter passenger in Juneau). I know the average passenger doesn’t care to hear aviation radio chatter, but some of us do!

I was expecting the open cockpit to have a very noticeable “wind in my face” effect but I didn’t really notice it at all. The form fitting hat helped of course – there was no hair swirling around my head to evoke feelings of wind.

Buildings of downtown Atlanta
Wow, Friday traffic already?
Metro Atlanta

Atlanta’s capitol building is covered with gold leaf – a throwback to the gold rush in Dahlonega, GA. It wasn’t super sunny out so it took me a while to find the shiny dome. The gold is worn away by rain (a bit of acid rain since it is an urban area) over time and it is resurfaced every so often.

Gold dome of Atlanta’s capitol building
Georgia Dome and the downtown ferris wheel, both peeking out from behind buildings

On the way back, we got a nice view of the famous Stone Mountain (sometimes called “the largest exposed piece of granite in the world” – although I’m still looking for a good science reference to that fact).

The famous Stone Mountain on the horizon

For landing we were encouraged to lean towards the sides of the plane so the pilot could see where we were going.

Biplane shadow, turning final
Biplane landing runway 21R

Overall, a fun plane ride. Worth it for the experience (although still a wee bit expensive for my taste).


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