Gals with a love of flying

I attended my first 99’s meeting tonight and it was so much fun. For those that don’t know, the 99s is an international organization that supports female pilots. Local chapters get people together to do different social stuff.

We had a delicious potluck dinner and then watched the movie Flyabout. It’s a documentary following a female pilot as she flies an air tour encircling the continent of Australia. I’m still amazed that she started that journey in a foreign land with just 140 hours and a private pilot licence. All the other members of the tour (except her father) were in the thousands of hours I believe. I never realized that Australia could have so much rain/IMC!


It was really great meeting alumna of my flight school. I’ve seen their pictures a lot and heard stories about all their flight training – its nice to have a personality to put with the face. 😉


I haven’t been in a cockpit since the end of November and I’ve done a poor job of motivating myself to study for the FAA written exam. I was running though some chair-flying in my mind the other day and it was disappointing how much I’ve forgotten. I really need to dig out my radio script. I have no doubt that I’ll quickly pick up everything I need once I start flying again, but being a somewhat lazy person sometimes, the thought of putting forth that effort is quite unappealing. Too bad because Fairbanks weather has been surprisingly mild, +10°F’s : unexpectedly warm January temperatures – way above the school’s 150 and 152 temperature cutoffs (-15 and -20 °F respectively).

Tonight though, the combination of the flying adventure documentary and talking to people very excited about flying has re-lit my internal fire. Thank you Fairbanks’ midnight sun ninty-nines! 😀

Mt Rainier sighting on my commercial flight to Seattle

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