Holidays Message

When I started flying in September, I really wanted to do that final checkride this week. It’s been highlighted on my calendar since the beginning of this year. Vanity. 3 months was how long it took the ‘most dedicated’ pilots to get their private pilot certificate at Embry-Riddle (on top of the freshman class load) and I’ve always wanted to say “I did that too”. It is mildly disappointing to not meet this goal (grr, weather), but it’s not the end of the world.

I’m not doing any more flying until mid-January because I’m swamped with research/other stuff – unfortunately January/February is the time when Fairbanks is usually the coldest (times you can expect -50’s F and such), darkest, and flying days are very limited.

At least I now have no excuse to not ace the written exam 😉


Watch this 2013 US Thanksgiving airspace timelapse and thank your ATC friends! I certainly have – their job is incredibly crazy looking.


I’ve recently learned that people at my flight school/instructors have been reading this blog – and now they know I’ve been writing about them. Not that I mind (I don’t apologize for/am not ashamed of my thoughts nor what I observed/learned –  and not that their response hasn’t been generally supportive), but it feels a bit strange to have people I look up to reading my very personal opinions (hold-over reservations from my painfully shy days); hm. Anyways, if you are reading this, hi! And happy holidays!


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