Touch-and-Goes Again

Look, a rainbow at the airport this morning:

Early morning rainbow at Fairbanks Airport (right). School’s 152 on the left.

A set of 5 touch-and-goes today with CFI2. No wind today, whew, but still had to use runway 2R. Maybe I should be glad not to have my sight picture change just when I’m getting the hang of everything, but a right base makes it so hard to figure out if my pattern actually makes a rectangle.

Standard takeoffs and landings today, no extended flying inches above the centerline. I was surprised I wasn’t chastised for being so far off centerline. Usually CFI2 is so harsh (in that paternal way)….perhaps he’s just glad I didn’t do oval shaped patterns like a student Β yesterday evening, yikes, haha.

Anyways, it is great to see him in an uncharacteristically good mood πŸ™‚

On the downwind leg of landing 2, CFI2 told me I’d never learn anything if he kept talking to me and promptly took his headset off. Uhh….

That landing was pretty much perfect except it was ever so slightly low (easy correction) and I flared way too late (scared the instructor a bit….nose down near runway=bad, but ha, take that for making me worry about having to deal with tower potentially needing me to extend my downwind or something [anything besides normal pattern radio talking still happens too quick for me to correctly respond to]), then ballooned. Instructor headset back on.

All my landings were really soft on the nosewheel – cool. All ‘good’ landings, but not ‘great’ – room for improvement (centerline!).

I’m really proud that I didn’t let myself be distracted by the airport firefighting exercise about 800ft from the runway touchdown zone. Billowing smoke? Don’t faze me πŸ˜€


Things for me to remember:

  • Look down the runway! Not just at the ground near the nose
  • Downwind is parallel to the runway. Sigh. Stop turning towards the airport.
  • Minor nitpick: when putting in flaps, don’t let the plane balloon up.

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