More stalls

After breathing paint thinner for 3 hours, it was time to go flying – woohoo.

I keep expecting someone to tell me when to pull back for takeoff, and I need to stop it. I’m supposed to know.

Saw Metro Field (private gravel strip just next to the large Fairbanks airport) from the air today – finally! The gravel airstrip is a bit hard to see. I didn’t expect it to be so close to town. Now I know where all that helicopter traffic goes to. Also saw the military field used for bombing practice. Is it normal to always be so ‘close’ to military airspace?

CFI2 and I went up in the 150 and did power off stalls over, and over, and over again. Today was the first time I kept breaking hard right and left. Shoot.

On the bright side, I spent most of my time looking outside, not at the instruments. I’m getting better at using the rudder to keep level in slow flight, but am still not sure when it is supposed to be a rudder fix and when it is supposed to be an aileron fix. Reminder to me: look up ‘crossed control stalls’.

Had my first encounter with carburetor ice today. We had just contacted tower to land and were slowly descending. Engine/plane started shaking ever so slightly when CFI2 put on carb. heat. I’m still really impressed that he caught it so fast (because my untrained pilot senses didn’t really notice anything).

FAI’s 2 main runways are parallel to each other. 2L is mostly for commercial flights and 2R is for general aviation. CFI1 let me do all the work for landing today, which was cool, but I was expecting a prompt for when to turn right for final. Totally my mistake that we were almost at 2L before I fixed my heading. I was mostly a little too low for most of final, but fixed it just in time.

I’m supposed to know power on stalls by now, but I’ve only ever practiced that  twice. I’m not yet dejected, feeling ‘behind’, but the feeling is creeping up on me. I keep telling myself that I will get it [soon], and I hope that I can prove myself correct.


6 thoughts on “More stalls

  1. Have you tried chair flying? That really helped drill in the maneuvers for me when I wasn’t in the plane. I just sit in the chair and say all the steps out loud and do them on my imaginary plane haha In my training, we’ve only done maybe a dozen power on stalls, they seem to focus more on power off stalls probably because they are way more likely to happen.


  2. Christina it takes time to be able to do maneuvers without thinking about them…have patience and confidence in your ability and soon the force will be with you *_*


  3. Hi! Actually you should try to fly coordinated at all times. Especially in slow flight. If you use aileron alone, the one deflected downwards creates more lift and thus more drag – the wing is pulled backwards. Always use rudder together with aileron! Except, I’ve been taught to use rudder alone only if a wing drops. There are great cropduster videos on youtube about turns and stalls! Helped me a lot to understand. 😉 but most important: talk about it with your CFI! Happy landings! Florian


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