First Canceled Flight – Oh Weather

I woke up this morning to this:
That is the view looking from UAF southwards towards the Fairbanks Airport. It’s too bad I’m not an instrument flight student.

Last night’s rain led to the fog and the cool weather was going to keep it around til ~noon. I had already decided to explore Alaska with my day, so I couldn’t just reschedule for a flight block later in the afternoon. Weather in the rest of Alaska’s interior was a bit messy too:

Driving though a cloud (stationary cloud over the mountain peak) on the way to Central, AK

Anyways, it turns out that the weather was only clear for an hour at Fairbanks today.


Glad I got to hit the Alaskan roads:

This picture doesn’t capture the view very well, but it was really ethereal.

My first look at caribou 🙂

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