More Slow Flight and Stalls

1.3 logged hours of slow flight practice and power off stalls today. I’m more confident in doing both activities (with many little mistakes), but am still having the hardest time holding a heading. It still feels like there are still a few too many activities to coordinate right now. Need more practice.

Flew with CFI3 for the first time today. His style was refreshingly through and I look forward to flying with him again.

Lots of time wasted today holding short of takeoff because of a sudden increase in traffic. If learning to fly in Fairbanks afternoons/evenings, avoid takeoff at 4pm, 6pm, 9pm.

I had CFI3 write out all the steps to set up slow flight and stalls. I think it will help to memorize the written forms of these procedures, but I know I need the ‘muscle memory’ of both (CFI1 and 3 both told me I’m being too analytical – too ‘scientific’ – and they’re right). The Jeppesen online course listed all these steps with short video clips of what to do. Having CFI3 write these steps was probably a waste of 0.7 hours of instruction time that I had to pay for – hopefully it will inspire me to study/use/review the online course more.

Today’s taxiing and takeoff were absolutely abysmal. Going straight is still an issue for me. I think I may go practice these a lot in the simulator.


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