Snow Day -> turns to nice VFR conditions

Fairbanks got snow last night!


This would normally be amazing news (because I love cross country skiing and this weather shift is a step in the right direction), but I had a flight today…

My amazing streak of weather luck continues though: here is the airport just after we parked the plane. Sun! You can see that it is raining over the University of Alaska Fairbanks; right over the building where the above picture was taken this morning.


Did my first pilot weather briefing today. And radio! Still weirds me out that such much of aviation is recorded and filed somewhere. Maybe because one’s voice seems so personal.

Fairbanks flight services weather brief: VFR flight not recommended – briefer’s computer predicted snow during my flight block? I love when things go my way though šŸ™‚

Radio: I noticed that I’d lose my train of thought in the middle of speaking. And that I keep letting go of the transmit button before finishing. This kept leading to others talking over me. Darn. I think I sound ridiculous in’s archives. I know it all boils down to nervousness, and I’m confident it’ll feel more natural soon.

Flew the 150 for the first time today. I like the 152 much more because it is newer, but the 150 is $5/hr cheaper. I see where the 152 saves money when I start longer distance flights, but for now, the 150 seems like the smarter option.

We worked on constant airspeed climbs and descents first. I did okay work, although I’d drift over time so I’d end up +/- 5to15 knots when I reached the desire altitude. arr.

Constant rate climbs and descents – I didn’t understand we had started this. I continued constant speed maneuvers – oops. This was the time when the weather cleared up a lot, so the instructor was busy helping us avoid traffic instead of really getting on my case. All these Fairbanks pilots seemed to come out of nowhere!

We landed on the gravel ski strip to avoid the wake of the jet that just took off. Fun for me because I’d never landed on gravel. šŸ™‚

Choosing a primary flight instructor: still not sure which person to go with. It feels like the school has already decided for me, but I’d rather go with the other person. However, this is just my 3rd flight, do I really have enough flight experience to judge for myself? I definitely learn with both….Oh, this choice is really hard!


4 thoughts on “Snow Day -> turns to nice VFR conditions

  1. I’ve only ever flown the 152, I think it’d be interesting to see the difference between the 150 and 152. It’s only a few horsepower, but want to see if I could tell.

    If you’re leaning towards the one instructor go with that one. It doesn’t so much matter about your flight experience, but from whom you learn better and connect with better. I’m on my third instructor now. The first two I was at a different school and paired with automatically (because I am a girl, I’m almost certain) even though I liked my previous one, she didn’t teach in the best way for me. I say go with your instincts.


    1. So I haven’t noticed a difference between the 150 and 152 but a fellow student said the 150 gives you more time to think about what you should do next when practicing maneuvers (good for a very new student like myself šŸ™‚ ).


  2. Coming into Fairbanks airport a fighter jet appeared on my wing and I was forced to land. When they found out I had 3,000 hours flight time but no license I was fined and made to take ground school and pass the flight test….This happened when President Reagan met with the Pope at the Fairbanks airport. I keep my plane at the Manley Hot Springs strip and never knew there was a restriction on flights into Fairbanks…..Long story with a short moral to it…it may be sound corny but forget the instructor and learn the feel of the plane, and you will be OK.


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