Random Thoughts

  1. Having to speak on the radio has me a bit nervous. All the forums say that http://www.liveatc.net/ is a great resource for helping you get used to hearing that style of speaking. Just for kicks, I searched for FAI and boom – we’re listed. I was morbidly curious enough to find the radio transmissions from my last flight lesson, and sure enough, it was in the archives. Really quite exciting until I realized that my voice is going to be on that site. Only time will tell if this has been a good revelation or not. I have no real objections except that I don’t want to sound like an idiot.
  2. I need to pick a primary CFI for myself. Only two guys look like they have the time to fly with me. Even though it may be a bit ridiculous, I want to take the practical test by early December. I’m not sure how I’m going to choose because I like the teaching styles of both men.
  3. I need to do more science, less aviation (awwww, nooooooo). I’ve never figured out how to balance things going on in my life. If you know the secret, please share. I feel I’m doomed to be the slacker graduate student in my office.

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