First Thoughts on Ground School

My choice of flight school uses Jeppesen’s online course. It is $350 through the school. I noticed that it is $239 through their official site. This lower price doesn’t include a printed textbook, logbook, nor navigation plotter however. I needed/wanted to have these items anyways (so my $350 is actually a small savings over retail), but you should ask the school about buying direct if you already have access to these items. My online course also seems to have more information than the direct from Jeppesen version (via conversation with my school’s personnel).


I feel like I should apologize to every pilot I ever met at Riddle. As an engineering physics major, I (we) always kinda looked down on aeronautical science (AS) majors [the pilots]. The thoughts always went: “You’re great people, but there’s no way you worked as hard as I did. In fact, I fully resent that you always have time to go to the beach. Slackers! Glorified bus drivers!”


I was trying to break the record at my school for getting through the 1st 3 online ground lessons (1.5 days), and I’ve been feeling guilty (probably unnecessary guilt because I’m sure no AS person tried to cram this much knowledge into their heads over 1.5 days). No, this work isn’t as ‘hard’ as classical mechanics, but, okay fine, you did have to do *lots of work* to earn your degree. Mea culpa.

BTW, I missed the record. Currently at 2 days (finished 6 sections) and I still have 16 more sections to go. Aw. [But, but….I had to go to work over these days too…..excuses excuses Christina. 🙂 ]


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